Sunday, July 15, 2012

There is a Sisterhood

Have any of you ever heard the song “The Brotherhood of Man” from the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying? It’s a song about helping a brotha out, bumping fists and pounding chests like guys do in the name of camaraderie. Man power and stuff. But I bet I could write a better song.

Now, I do not profess to be anything remotely close to the kind of writer who spews forth Broadway quality musicality, but I have a one-up on those guys who did. Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I have way better subject matter – namely, the Sisterhood of Woman.

Women are awesome. And frankly, I could end this post right there. But I feel like talking as long as you’re listening, so I’m going to take a moment to explain how I came to this conclusion.

It was a day like any other. I was spending a relatively pleasant afternoon at our local swimmin’ hole with my sister and my 3 little kids... When, suddenly(!) from the midst of the civilian multitude, a league of superwomen came super-marching down the beach in their super-suits (cue super-music).

Danger was looming!

A little boy was missing and the outlook was becoming grim after twenty minutes of searching. Without question, these superwomen had joined forces and were using their superpowers (Loud yelling voice to demand attention! Wide arm span for frantic waving! Speedwalking for efficiency!) to inform us lowly civilians to be on the alert. The little boy was found alive and well within five minutes. Word spread down the beach, mothers sighed in relief, children cheered, and the day was saved.

See? Women are awesome.

And I didn’t even mention the other women that day who loaned my son a towel (we forgot ours), offered me an umbrella for shade, kept an eye on my stuff, and helped me round-up my scattered family when it was time to go. When you are crazy enough to take kids to have “fun” as a lone adult, you need Superwomen to come to your rescue. Often.

And now, I swell with womanly pride and count myself lucky to be numbered among true heroes – the working woman, the homemaker, the mother/grandma/babysitter/you-name-it. The elite. The fearless. The super (dramatic space-age echo).

The Sisterhood rules.

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  1. Dear Utterly Inexperienced aka Kayla Wayla: two things- 1. You're awesome. And this is awesome. 2. How do you make your super hero boobs look so fantastic? You have been nursing for like, four years straight and they are awesome! And I've been nursing for three months and my boobies are... slouchy. Share your secret?
    Booby Jealousness.