Friday, August 3, 2012

Casual Parenting (Complete With Quiz!)

I have three kids. As of right now, I have three kids age 3 and under. So let me answer the typical questions: Yes, all three were planned; yes, it can be pretty wild; no, I am not (that) crazy (yet).

Now, I’m not sure we can compare in any way to America’s favorite oversized family the Duggars and their infamous tater-tot casserole (no, they aren't Mormons!), but just as you can't quite figure out how Jim-Bob and Michelle do it, you may be wondering how Aaron and Kayla do it.

You may also be thinking:
How do they lead such a frivolous, carefree, Hollywood lifestyle?
When do they find time to look so beautiful/handsome/fashionable?
They really have it together.
They are are my idols.

Okay, maybe you’re not thinking that last one. But I’ll tell you how we do it. It’s simple, really. We have been turned on to a little something called “Casual Parenting.”

Casual parenting is the latest craze! Scientists and parents all over nowhere are buzzing about it. Some really big names in Hollywood are using it. It’s a proven parenting method with nothing but the expected results!

Haven’t heard of the casual method? Dying to know its secrets? Take this quiz to find out how you measure up:

Question #1: Your child throws a horrendous tantrum in a public place. Your reaction is:
A)    Ignore. Better yet, try pretending the child belongs to the people behind you.
B)    Console the child as best you can and leave with apologetic glances.
C)    Public shame.
Question #2: Your child tends to strip and run naked in the front yard. Your reaction is:
A)    Pretend you don’t notice. It’s your yard after all. All those people driving by don’t have to look.
B)    Chase the naked one down and re-dress. Over. And. Over.
C)    Spank said nudist in front of the neighbors.
Question #3: Your child is on the playground and begins to quietly throw sand at another child. Your reaction is:
A)    Watch out of the corner of your eye. If it happens again and looks like it was done out of spite, then you’ll step in. Probably.
B)    Jump up and remove your child from the situation before the other kid’s mom has to save him.
C)    Scream across the playground at the child as loud as you can.

Congratulations, you’ve finished the quiz. Your results are waiting!

If you answered:
            Mostly C’s: Your kid is most likely going to grow up with a complex of some kind (or many of them). And they will probably blame you for all their problems and be really rebellious teenagers. And there’s a possibility they could end up on the Dr. Phil show. Look out.
            Mostly B’s: You’re an angel. Your methods are wonderful, but may not always be effective. Try reading up on some new methods here.
            Mostly A’s: Congratulations!! You’re already a Casual Parenting pro. Keep up the casual work!


  1. bahahaha! Kayla you kill me! That picture at the bottom just made my day :) Glad to know I'm not the only mom who isn't a helicopter, wear my baby 24/7, breastfeed till they're 12 kind of mom :)

    1. SO good to know there are other people in the club! I am pretty sure wearing my baby 24/7 would make me insane. I'm sure you've seen the moms with their ten feet of stretchy wrap around baby carrying things? I just think, "Good for them. Good for them."

  2. Agreed. The picture was awesome.